Accelerators for Society

Materials research

Beams of photons, neutrons and muons are essential tools to study materials at the atomic level.

Protein modelling

Synchrotron light allows scientists to solve the 3D structure of proteins e.g. the Chikungunya virus.

Controlling power plant gas emission

In some pilot plants, electron beams are used to control emission of sulphur and nitrogen oxides.

Hadron therapy

Proton and ion beams are well suited for the treatment of deep seated tumours.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

Radioisotopes used in PET-CT scanning are produced with accelerators.

Ion implantation for electronics

Many digital electronics rely on ion implanters to build fast transistors and chips.

Hardening materials

Replacing steel with X-ray cured carbon composites can reduce car energy consumption by 50%.

Cultural heritage

Particle beams are used for non-destructive analysis of works of art and ancient relics.


Accelerator technologies may bring the power of the sun “down to earth”, treat nuclear waste and allow for safer operation of reactors.

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